We are taking a curatorial approach based on the laboratory, facilitating interdisciplinary conversations between participants, including the curatorial team, as a way of encouraging the cross-pollination of ideas and potential collaborations. Thereby, we are not only exploring new approaches to studying animals but also testing the boundaries of curatorial practices for such studies. The octopus serves as both primary subject-matter and model for interdisciplinary research, capturing and at the same time exploiting the alien complexity and plasticity of the organism and its form in manifold ways.

Artistic methods of investigation provide the guiding approach in our exploration of the octopus. The core principal for the selection of artworks/contributions is an occupation with the octopus’ special physiological organization and consideration of its relationship with its environment. Importantly, the selection of artworks/contributions will be based on ethical considerations in relation to the welfare and representation of the animal subjects - i.e. no harm must be caused to any animals in the production of the works, and a basic respect for the animal is key to the intention of the project.

More information will be added soon.