Laboratory for Octopus Aesthetics

What stories might someone tell who has 3 hearts pumping blue blood, 8 independent arms and a brain scattered all throughout their body? Who has no frame and can squeeze through the tiniest of places? Who registers colors all around, through their skin, but not their eyes? And how to tell these stories?

Okto-Lab is a space for collaboration to explore these questions through interdisciplinary perspectives. By way of a collaborative curatorial praxis that brings artists and scientists into conversation with each other, we explore the potential for telling interdisciplinary eco- and species-critical cephalopod tales. Under the guidance of artistic methods of investigation, we want to employ creative strategies for listening to octopuses and helping them tell their own stories, while also using this encounter with the octopus’ alienness to question existing forms of narration.

Okto-Lab is presently comprised of Yvette Watt (University of Tasmania, Australia); Toby Juliff (University of Tasmania, Australia); Anne Hölck (independent scenographer and curator, Germany); and André Krebber (University of Kassel, Germany).

Okto-Lab currently receives seed-funding from the DAAD and is supported by the University of Kassel and the University of Tasmania.

University of TasmaniaUniversität Kassel